With more than 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, Tain has established its footprint as a global gaming solutions provider with a modern technology stack and solutions for online casino and sports. 

In the last five years the company has focussed on building industry leading live casino studio and services for its partners across the globe. More recently, Tain has also been investing into building its own full live casino product portfolio.  

Forming a natural step in the company’s evolution, Tain has launched its new European-facing brand, EEZE. Ahead of ICE, EEZE’s Chief Operations Officer Tarvi Randver sat down with CasinoBeats to discuss the launch of this new brand.

“We have launched EEZE, our new European-facing brand which will help us strengthen our footprint in a number of markets. Pronounced like the word ‘easy’, this new brand aims to bring innovation, entertainment, and fun to every casino player. 

“The name EEZE is a reflection of our energetic personality, innovative and entertaining nature. It also represents the importance of being easy to partner and work with, something we are committed to  demonstrate to our partners.”

The launch of EEZE marks a natural evolution from live casino studio services and operations to a full live casino product Portfolio. With the new services, EEZE steps into the entertainment space.

As explained by Randver, consumers are demanding more and more engaging content. This is not only the case in the gaming industry but applies for any content that is consumed. 

Randver added: “It is evident that the live casino industry needs to shift from classic casino content to something more entertaining. EEZE is changing the industry in that regard. We are bringing that casino content to audiences which seek entertainment.

“We are not only competing with companies in our own category, but we are competing for screen time; we need to create engaging enough content to attract consumers to open an igaming app. Therefore, our content should be as engaging as that in entertainment apps such as TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. We need to challenge existing formats to adapt to newer ways of how consumers prefer to consume content.

“The new brand EEZE represents the shift we are making in our company, a conscious decision to focus on innovating our content to more entertaining and engaging concepts.”

EEZE already holds gaming licences in the Isle of Man, Malta, Romania, with countries such as Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands expected to be added to the roster in the coming months.

When discussing the company’s European expansion plans, Randver said: “We are following a market-availability strategy and expanding to more and more markets in Europe. 

“Our partners will be able to take advantage of our products in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands soon. Our live casino platform is built on a framework that allows us to adopt regulation and market requirements quickly.

“We have also set out plans to expand our global footprint even further over the coming months and years, with multiple jurisdictions catching our eye. There are plenty of opportunities for us to deliver this entertainment-led casino experience to players.”

To deliver these new experiences, EEZE’s COO shared that the supplier has “exciting games and game shows” in the pipeline. 

EEZE will use gamification tools, new features and tailored solutions to reach different demographics of players. This, Randver said, will be complemented by the best in the industry customer service team to answer any queries.

He said: “We are working on a number of exciting games and game shows. We are putting a lot of focus into creating great looking and feeling environments and games that will attract wider and more varied audiences. 

“We will also be releasing our gamification suite and a range of new services and features that will help our partners to maximise benefits from our new exciting product portfolio.

“We will also be excited to partner with operators to create tailored solutions whether it is dedicated and branded tables, or specially created content. EEZE will offer 24/7 customer support to our partners to make sure that they can rely on us no matter what time of a day it is. 

“At EEZE, we understand the value of time and, that is why our customer experience team will ensure that our live casino solutions are easy to customise, easy to integrate, easy to entertain and work with.”

“To deliver the innovation, custom solutions, and industry leading customer service, we’ve opened a new state-of-art studio in Malta and employed around 300 new people in the past 9 months. We invest into studio environments and latest technologies that the movie industry is using, to offer the most entertaining experience to our end users. We have also hired many product, tech and operations staff to help us deliver an unrivalled quality of service to our partners,” Randver added.

The brand made its debut at ICE London, where EEZE showcased its plans for 2023, including its roster of game shows and products.

Randver told CasinoBeats that these new games – including its Jack Up Blackjack and Joker Party products – were showcased to the delegates at the event. “To help our partners to differ from the competition and help them to compete successfully, our plan is to constantly implement new functionality and features,” the COO said.

“In addition to our new games, we also showcased the first functionality of our Gamification suite. With EEZE’s technical innovation tools, our partners can create a unique offering, compete more successfully in their markets, and retain their players in more effective ways.”