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Yggdrasil Gaming has unveiled Reptoids, an extra terrestrial themed slot that will transport you back in time.

In the 1960s inspired title, whose old school graphics are designed to heighten a player’s engagement of its story, conspiracy theories of the time will be evoked as aliens become exposed to high ranking government positions.

Jonas Strandman, Head of Slots at Yggdrasil Gaming, said: “We are very happy with how we’ve combined the Reptoids’ concept and mechanics into a perfect fit, which makes gameplay both intuitive and easy to follow for newcomers.

“Seasoned slot players will also appreciate the strong chance of big wins in the base game.

“We must also mention the game’s thrilling trailer, which showcases the high-quality we aim for in our everlasting quest to offer a first-class experience in all our slots.”

Amongst the features of the new title is Repto Detector which features a scanner that will hover above high paying symbols, should it hit then all similar symbols on each reel will turn wild.

In addition to this players can further impede the ‘Reptoid revolution’ by landing a scatter symbol in the detector field, this has the effect of triggering a free spin mode and an increased chance for more big wins.

Reptoids will be backed up by Boost, an in-game collection of promotional tools designed to improve retention rates for operators, and Brag, which will give consumers the chance to  watch replays of winning spins and share them with friends and fans on social media channels.