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Manoj Batra, chief technology officer at Nektan, highlights how those capable of speedy integrations will flourish and ultimately drive revenues for online casinos

SPEED has become of the essence throughout different societies and in all forms of life. From rapid internet loading times to fast-food delivery services. Speed can ultimately lead to a frictionless and therefore happier experience.

This is no different to the casino world where quick gameplay, easy registration processes and fast pay-outs are particularly important to players.

However, the time in which it takes certain actions to unfold must not be focused solely on the end user but also on back-end functions too.

When it comes to platform integrations and service adjustments, the efficiency of delivery can be the key difference between success and failure for a casino business.

In cases where operators are not specialists in integration or technology, they may opt to focus on marketing in order to have a competitive advantage. This can impact timings and the delivery of a quality offering. Quick integration and service adjustment timings will deliver speed to market which will eventually lead to an improved bottom line performance for casinos. There is therefore no time to waste by drawing out bureaucratic corporate processes.

This is increasingly becoming an issue as consolidation sweeps through the igaming industry. We’re now seeing the creation of more and more global powerhouses, all designed to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for customers.

The trouble with this approach is that company mergers often lead to departments becoming unwieldy, inevitably leading to processes becoming longer and integrations often lasting months rather than weeks.

…”For those eager to enter newly-regulated territories, for instance, speed to market is

For those eager to enter newly-regulated territories, for instance, speed to market is
crucial. The early stages of a market opening, provides an excellent opportunity to acquire new players that are likely to have no affiliation with an existing brand.

Much of the focus early on will be centred on a marketing campaign that grabs attention, meaning technology and the platform to build upon is often a secondary thought and why so many enlist the help of third-party providers who are specialists in this area.

Without a quick and nimble platform provider that can service their requirements quickly, casinos will fail to gain any traction if they are bogged down in technical processes that are taking longer than they should.

At Nektan, we recognise speed as an important aspect of the integration process which is why we have placed it as an operational priority. Key to ensuring speed is hiring the right people, in the right places to sustain an agile culture.

“…Speedy white-label solutions and content integrations are at the core of our offering…”

Speedy white-label solutions and content integrations are at the core of our offering, and so is the rapid delivery of service modifications in order to meet customer requirements in today’s online casino world.

It’s been a significant factor in our growth, providing new customers with a fully functioning and localised online casino site in eight weeks, and from two weeks for existing partners.

Speed must remain a focus across all aspects of the casino landscape for the foreseeable
future. It’s proven that quick integrations have a positive impact on business performances
and partner relationships, and so the time in which practices take must not slip.