BEDE Gaming has built an offering that fits neatly into the gaming sector’s omni-channel ambitions.

Michael Brady, founder and CEO of Bede, talks to CasinoBeats about the company’s journey, its view of the omni-channel marketplace and what’s next for Bede Gaming.

How far has omni-channel progressed in the last few of years? Can operators now offer a seamless single experience for players?

“There is no denying that omni-channel has been something of an industry buzzword for several years now. Its consistent presence on the highways and byways of industry conference halls is notable, and the momentum behind it is quite rightly showing few signs of slowing down.

“Building an experience that can be considered truly omni-channel is a key activity for Bede, and we have found that the technology we are developing is leading the way in the sense that this is now a real possibility.

“While an omni-channel strategy is easy to discuss, it has historically speaking been much more challenging to execute effectively.

“At Bede we have been working tirelessly to ensure that it is a core part of the value proposition we bring to our partners. We confirmed the launch of our omni-channel digital platform with Rank Group in March 2016, and have continued to work closely with them to develop a retail solution to effectively match with that, which Rank Group are currently rolling out across their retail estate.

“Finding a true convergence solution is made a lot easier by the power of our technology…”

“A single view and account for players across all channels, with common promotions and loyalty tools presents its challenges, but it is something that we have a real aptitude for. At ICE 2018, we revealed a omni-channel sportsbook solution with Kambi to create the same seamless experience for sport customers.

“Finding a true convergence solution is made a lot easier by the power of our technology and the talent in our staff.”

What role can a platform play in helping operators mitigate the increased pressure the industry is facing with regards to regulation and player protection?

“There are several factors at play here, including the introduction of GDPR, AML and heightened security concerns generally. For a platform provider, the core priority must be collaborating and maintaining a continual dialogue with their operating partners, in order to ensure that they are delivering the optimal solution for their clients and their end users.

“With regards to the steps that Bede is undertaking, we have always placed the highest levels of financial and operational probity at the centre of what we offer to our clients and their players. We were granted ISO 27001 certification in May 2017, recognising our delivery of one of the most secure platform provisions available to operators in regulated markets on a global scale.

“Our aim this year is to go above and beyond requirements needed to give our operators the tools to actively pursue excellence in compliance.”

Bede has recently released a content aggregator tool with emphasis on the integration of content and marketing. How do these tools elevate the overall Play package?

“We aim to offer our partners far more than simply a content platform. Where our content offering is of the highest class it is our marketing and analytics tools, which really set Play above the rest. Our marketing and analytics features are built into our offering to give operators greater control over the direction of their brand, while enhancing visibility of the performance of their acquisition and retention strategies.

“Our industry-leading application of real-time rules allows for measured and precise campaign management, alongside effectively targeted automated bonusing, heightening the sophistication of the relationship between player and operator.

“In combination with our finely-tuned content aggregation and sophisticated platform, the marketing and analytics tools we have built into HUB elevate the overall package to provide a full 360-degree view of an operator’s customer base.

“The strength of Play lies in its ability to provide operators with a rapid route to market, whether that’s a new jurisdiction or a new vertical. Our integration time is the fastest in the industry giving so much choice so we’re really supplying our customers with a fantastic platform from which to grow.”

“It’s not enough to roll-out the same product across new and varied markets and expect to grab market share.

With many new jurisdictions regulating, can you expand on Bede’s approach to new market entry?

“As a technology provider exhibiting high growth potential, we are continually analysing regulating markets and assessing strategies when it comes to successfully executing entry into new territories.

“It is not enough to roll-out the same product across new and varied markets and expect to grab market share.

“Those that succeed, both on the operator and the supplier side, will be those that offer products that appeal specifically to players in those new markets. It is important to maintain a consistent and mutually beneficial dialogue with any and all partners in these new markets, and only in doing so will technology providers capitalise on their potential.”

So what’s next for Bede? 

“Having focused on establishing ourselves as one of the industry’s foremost providers of robust and agile platform solutions in 2017, we are looking to build on this positive momentum in the coming year.

“So far in 2018 we have penned significant premium content agreements with companies including Kiron Interactive, Gamevy and Pragmatic Play, as well as bringing on new customers in Rocket X, part of the mobile gaming giant, LeoVegas and have plenty more to come.

“We continue to develop our high-quality platform while building upon a team of experienced and hungry technology professionals, which was recognised in our inclusion as one of Britain’s fastest growing tech companies in the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 Awards and the Northern Tech Awards.”