With daily routines now a thing of the past and the lives, and work habits, of many taking a dramatic shift, CasinoBeats is taking a few minutes out to enjoy a few of the brighter, quirky and touching moments that social media has served up in the last week.

So if you like a good lucky story, fancy a giggle or two or simply need any kind of sporting fix to get over the wave of cancellations, we hope the below bumper edition, due our mandatory hiatus a week ago, satisfies those cravings.

Gaming innovations

Further details of the incoming PlayStaton 5 emanated this week, as the latest games console development gears up for launch towards the end of this year. With a huge volume of fans worldwide eagerly awaiting more details ‘The Future of Gaming’ was introduced.

Impressive parking

After gaming innovation comes incredible technological innovations. The world watched in wonder recently after Space Exploration Technologies Corp, or SpaceX, but one clip which have potentially gone unnoticed is the parking skills displayed below.


thinking outside of the box is a creative trait that is necessary across many industries. The clip below highlights how you should never be held back by your resources.

Easing concerns

The travel industry has been hugely impacted as a result of global lockdown measures, however, as restrictions begin to be lifted airline are eyeing a return or flight. Central to that comes mandated health and safety protocols, with EasyJet going one step further in the development of comic-book inspired face masks in a bid to ease the process for parents and children alike.

Sporting section

We began this week’s sporting section with a clip, published by the International Cricket Council, that needs no introduction in light of recent events.

How’s your luck

After French football was cancelled earlier in the year on a point per game basis, many questions remained – central to those was that of promotion and relegation. This week however France’s highest administrative court confirmed that the season will end early as planned but has suspended the prospect of demotion, leaving Toulouse, who are well adrift at the foot of the Ligue 1 table, to count themselves very lucky.

Filling the void

Last week Paddy Power aimed to fill the boredom of sports fans by introducing its ‘Golf Shootout’ challenge, uniting professional, sports stars and celebrities. Catch some of the fun here, including a delighted Freddie Flintoff to kick things off.