IGT and Lottomatica suspend four employees due to alleged misconduct

International Game Technology PLC has suspended four employees due to an investigation by the Italy Judicial Authority into alleged misconduct. 

In a statement released today, along with its subsidiary Lottomatica Holding S.r.l, the company confirmed that the investigation is also looking into two former employees of Lottomatica and people close to them, who are suspected of gaining unauthorised access to Lottomatica’s systems in order to identify and redeem four winning scratch-off lottery tickets.

In a statement, IGT stressed that it takes the incident ‘extremely seriously’ and it has been ‘fully cooperative’ with the Judicial Authority every step of the way in order to facilitate the investigation into the alleged misconduct and fully protect the integrity of its games and the interests of its customers.

As a precautionary measure, the company suspended the four employees as soon as it was aware of the investigation.

IGT stated also that it has ‘dedicated considerable resources’ to aid the Judicial Authority to conduct an internal investigation and fully evaluate the situation. It has also taken prompt measures to thoroughly review its internal systems and processes designed to prevent criminal and fraudulent activities and further its protections.

The company said that it’s ‘dedicated to meeting its obligations to its regulators as well as its customers, and remains focused on ensuring its business is conducted at the highest levels of integrity’.

IGT confirmed it will continue to engage authorities with full transparency to assist in their ongoing investigation into this alleged misconduct.