The National Council on Problem Gambling has announced the results of board of directors election, with five individuals subsequently being elected to serve terms from July 2021 to July 2024.

These include Jeffrey Derevensky, the director of the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University, who will represent individuals; and Karen Russo, problem gambling advocate at the Ohio Lottery Commission, who will represent organisations.

Furthermore, Ted Hartwell, a problem gambler in long-term recovery who promotes awareness, prevention, and treatment of problem gambling as a consultant to the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, will represent affiliates.

Hartwell will be joined in an affiliate seat by Derek Longmeier, executive director of the Problem Gambling Network of Ohio; and Phil Sherwood, director of communications and marketing with the Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health.

“NCPG’s board of directors is a driving force in our efforts to address responsible gambling and problem gambling issues,” said Keith Whyte, NCPG executive director.

“Congratulations to Jeff Derevensky, Karen Russo, Ted Hartwell, Derek Longmeier and Phil Sherwood on their election. Their leadership and expertise will be invaluable.”

Adding: “We also want to thank Stacey Shaw, Brad Longcake, Janet Miller and Robert Jacobson for their incredible service on the board of directors that concludes when the new term starts. NCPG is in a good place because of the leadership they provided during this time of rapid change in the gambling industry.”

NCPG’s board of directors helps guide policies and implement strategies that achieve organisational goals. Board members use the entire scope of their skills and experience to serve all NCPG’s stakeholders.

“As my time on NCPG’s board of directors draws to a close I am optimistic about the organisation’s future,” commented Robert Jacobson, president of the NCPG board of directors and executive director of the California Council on Problem Gambling

“The board will have a terrific mix of incumbent directors who have helped grow and sustain NCPG’s reputation as a leading authority on problem and responsible gaming, and newly elected members who can push the organisation to even greater heights.”