Neccton extends mentor software provision to Norsk Rikstoto

Neccton has integrated its mentor player protection software with Norwegian operator Norsk Rikstoto, which has hailed the solution as the “main tool in our responsible gambling framework”.

Norway’s state-backed horse race betting monopoly operator already utilises the software, however, they recently upgraded in a bid to better protect players from potential harm.

The company was using Neccton’s responsible gambling module to spot early signs of potentially harmful behaviours. Through this upgrade, the group is now using the cloud-based solution, which allows them to scale up their protections and meet the demands of their customers.

mentor analyses player behaviour to look for markers of harm such as the amount and frequency of deposits and wagers, multiple payment methods and more. 

Dr Michael Auer, Neccton director and head of development, commented: “Our customer has recognised that the mentor software was working well for them, and also realised they can look after players even more effectively by upgrading. It’s great for us to see how seriously our customers take both our work, and theirs.”

Norsk Rikstoto, supervised by the Norwegian Gambling authority, has introduced a number of player protection measures across recent years with a view to prevent overspending.

One of them is a monthly loss limit of NOK 20,000, in addition to the group being required to monitor player behaviour for signs of problematic gambling. Players are also informed about their gambling spending and can perform a reality-check any time. 

“mentor is our main tool in our responsible gambling framework,” added Anne Mathisen, advisor responsible gaming, at Norsk Rikstoto.

“The tool gives us insight, data and understanding of our customers behaviour and helps us to achieve our main purpose – offer gambling in safe and responsible forms.”