GambleAware maintains Gambling Lived Experience Network support


GambleAware has announced that it will continue to support the Great Britain-wide Gambling Lived Experience Network through community-based development partner ExpertLink.

Through a grant of £375,000, which will be awarded over a three year period, GambleAware will aid the network’s ongoing development as GLEN looks to build capacity and infrastructure to operate entirely independently of a development partner after this time.  

This will include the production of publications, tools, and resources, researching and developing position and consensus statements in a bid to help GLEN in the long-term.

David Quinti, Acting Chair of GLEN, commented: “We are delighted that the Gambling Lived Experience Network is now a live charity. As a network representing people who have lived experience of gambling harms in Great Britain, we want to support others in our community to come forward and amplify their voice through our network. 

“GLEN is an independent voice of the gambling harm lived experience community, raising awareness and championing support for all people who have experienced gambling harms. 

“We can truly make a difference and by adding your voice to ours: together, we can challenge stigma, break down barriers, and collaborate to make a real difference in the sector, and across Britain. If you have lived experience of gambling harm, and would like to be involved in the network or inquire about working for GLEN, please get in touch: GLEN is your network.”

Furthermore, the grant will also allow GLEN, an independent network representing the community itself, to continue its policy and advocacy work, including responding to consultations, taking part in political discussion and discourse, amplifying membership’s voice and publications.

GambleAware noted that this funding reflects the organisation’s ongoing commitment to championing and supporting the lived experience community at large in Great Britain and ensuring the community’s diverse voices are reflected.

“We recognise the invaluable work of the Gambling Lived Experience Network and its important role in the sector,” stated Zoe Osmond, CEO of GambleAware.

“As the largest network of its type, GLEN has diverse and democratic infrastructure allowing it to speak with a representative voice across the whole of Great Britain, underpinning GambleAware’s commitment to championing and supporting the Lived Experience community at large. 

“GLEN’s continued contribution to our processes, their participation in the broader debate and discourse, and the network’s representatives’ attendance at events and visibility across the sector and in the community will allow GambleAware – and the whole sector – to be truly accountable to the lived experience community.”