Better Collective: Nasdaq Copenhagen dual listing a natural next step

Nasdaq Copenhagen

Better Collective has stated that a dual listing on the Nasdaq Copenhagen represents a logical and natural next step for the company in promoting further brand visibility and awareness.

The company, which was founded and incorporated in Denmark and listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm on June 8, 2018, is expecting its listing to take place during the final quarter of the year.

No offer of shares will occur in connection with the proposed dual listing, with it also noted that it will not have any impact on the total number of shares outstanding in the company. 

“Being a Danish-incorporated company and with our headquarters in Copenhagen, dual listing in Denmark is a natural next step for Better Collective,” commented Jesper Søgaard, Co-founder & CEO of Better Collective. 

“Since the Swedish IPO in 2018, we have significantly grown the business adding value for our shareholders, while putting forward a new vision to become the leading digital sports media group. 

“Combined with the fact that we experience an increased interest in our company from both current and potential institutional investors in Denmark, we believe now is the right time to dual list in Denmark.” 

The dual Listing is subject to publication of an exemption document by the group, approval by Nasdaq Copenhagen of a listing application, and fulfilment of other customary listing conditions, as well as prevailing market conditions. 

“Better Collective has delivered significant growth both before and after the IPO in 2018,” explained Jens Bager, Chair of the Board of Better Collective. 

“The company is stronger positioned today than ever before and has embarked on an ambitious journey to become the leading digital sports media group. 

“The listing in Sweden five years ago has been instrumental in contributing to the development of the business as it stands today, and now it is natural to dual list in Denmark where the company has its headquarters. 

“The entire management team led by the founders of the company has managed to build a resilient business and not least a strong organisation that will enable Better Collective to further elevate its footprint within the digital sports media world. 

“Now we look forward to initiating dialogue and inviting more Danish investors to take part in that journey. ”

Since listing on the Nasdaq Stockholm, the company has been involved in 33 acquisitions across various corners of the world, which has contributed to significant growth. 

Last month, Better Collective stood by heightened full-year financial guidance, as the firm took additional glances towards artificial intelligence and potential M&A manoeuvres to drive its performance forward further still.

Revenue expectations now stand at €315m-€325m, which would mark growth of three per cent year-on-year. EBITDA is expected to close the year at €105m-€115m.