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Progress has been made for the legislation of casinos in Thailand as the region agreed a draft bill and parliamentary talks continued. 

The progress of casinos will be key to the economic pledges of the country’s president, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, as the region looks to continue to elevate its economic growth. 

At the heart of the progress is positive news for the region’s sector – with the reported agreement of a 17 per cent tax rate. 

It continues Thavisin’s strengthened focus on boosting tourism by increasing its appeal to Europeans. 

Furthermore, the bill and the tax rate looks to be vital in tackling the black market and halting its growth as well as enabling the region to compete with Singapore and Macau in terms of the casino sector. 

Concluding the decision, discussions are set to take place on the 28th of March as details of the plan are further deliberated over, with an eye to making final progress for the sector in Thailand. 

Details stem from the report which was formed by the previous government and took into account the potential economic impact of casinos as well as the social consequences that could come with the growth of the market.