IGT has confirmed an agreement with both Acres 4.0, Acres Manufacturing Company, and John Acres for the resolving of all legal disputes between the two companies. 

The resolution, which was reached in the United States District Court of Nevada, pertains to facilitating the use of a financial transaction device in a cashless gaming ecosystem and Nevada State Court directed to a breach of contract claims.

Nick Khin, IGT COO Gaming, commented: “IGT is pleased to reach a mutual agreement with Acres that resolves all disputes between us. This allows us to dedicate our collective resources where they are better served, driving continued innovation in the exciting and evolving cashless gaming space.”

Acres is a casino loyalty and technology expert and the creator of Foundation, the casino management platform. Acres, CEO of Acres added that the group is ‘thrilled to put this matter behind them’, as it continues to focus on progressing in the future. 

He went on to state that the group will work cooperatively with IGT as the collaboration looks to ‘build exciting new gambling experiences that can increase both player enjoyment and casino profits’.