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New product updates, new market entry and a games aggregator launch across 2023 would be good enough for most companies. But iGP isn’t like most companies. 2024 is when all the preparations come together, ready to smash 2025, according to the provider’s Head of Platform, Luka Markota. Speaking to CasinoBeats, Markota reveals just what iGP platform solutions mean for operators now and in the future.

The road to a better future started here 

iGP began life with a few committed igaming experts who were frustrated by the limitations they saw in existing platform provision. Poor stability was the biggest issue, the result of which meant that it was closely followed by a lack of innovation and shrugging off responsibility when things inevitably went wrong.

This was not how iGP saw things working for their igaming clients. From the start, its platform architecture, technology stack and build process were all designed and built to overcome limits and provide exceptionally reliable service. The vision was to be a platform leader by forming a responsive and intuitive product ecosystem.

Eight years on and boasting 99.98% uptime, iGP is positioning itself to make another round of significant moves. So, what does 2024 hold for iGP and its global client list?

What do stability and scalability really mean?

“If your platform is not operating with the right tech and people to deliver a robust stack and scalable, stable backend, then you compromise the ability to enhance the front end,” said Markota.

Platform stability means enhanced everything. The stage is yours to entertain, dazzle and keep the audience coming back for more. And that’s the whole point: loyal, engaged clients, who trust the operator to handle their money, secure their data and deliver personalised experiences, always return. Every part of the iGP platform is built to host products that guarantee security and flexibility to enable growth.

With over 40 live casinos and 9.2 billion bets across 50 million logins, clients are demonstrating daily that iGP is delivering the stable tech to enable them to support and scale their igaming ambitions for growth. The last two years also delivered proprietary CMS solutions and the launch of a single API games aggregator as part of the ecosystem. 

Operators can clearly see that iGP’s tech solutions are working. Now, what about those ‘people’ – what do they do?

How does iGP deliver success?

“What we have been preparing for over the last two years is now finally revealing itself,” Markota explained.

A highly experienced, senior management team has been handpicked to deliver the next stage of the iGP journey. Commercial to marketing, product to tech, these big hitters are driving the strategy to capitalise on, shape and share the wealth of opportunities in the global gaming industry. And this means the whole iGP team and offering is strengthened with consequent results for clients.

From those few mavericks who would not accept second best, iGP is now home to over 100 industry specialists across three countries, who eat, sleep and breathe igaming. And this shows in the development of advanced and progressive web app solutions, new products and data driven direction for enhanced performance, all built on the founding philosophy – stability.

Bringing new solutions to work

New frameworks and tool trends come and go but iGP builds solutions to the critical problems whilst simultaneously encouraging its clients to expect bigger, better, more from the industry. And to ensure that they are always there to deliver bigger, better and more for them.

“We’re using AI strategically to deliver a recommendation tool for players which we will launch later this year which is very exciting for players. We’re enhancing content management systems’ functionalities and pushing data compression to improve the user experience whilst reducing server overheads,” Markota noted. “All iGP innovations are built up from the core platform technology because this ensures success.”

Reinforcing the iGP brand across growth markets

From innovative use of technology applications including AI and VR, to growth markets such as Latin America and Africa, the size and scale of untapped opportunities is huge. As Markota points out, those platform providers like iGP who can demonstrate fast adaptations to new markets – including new software certification and licensing– will secure the operators who are driving growth.

With the crypto market expected to show 12.5 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 2030 according to Forbes, iGP’s 2023 Crypto Bash design offers both crypto and hybrid options to operators looking to offer this solution. According to Markota, 2024 will see further product enhancement with a game changing payment system to significantly improve current capabilities for operators.

This industry leading reputation for adaptability alongside stability in the core platform has seen success for iGP in LatAm. “Our visibility through a key operator partnership in Brazil is building solid growth. We are developing a new LatAm specific template which we will be launching at SBC Summit in Lisbon,” Markota remarked. “Localisation is a key driver for success and we have strategically ramped up our presence and knowledge to be able to deliver a game changer.”

The road to a successful future

With 2024 being a transformational year for iGP, a more visible presence at shows and exhibitions has been a key initiative as part of the company’s ‘Road to Lisbon’ strategy across LatAm and Europe.

Raising awareness and reinforcing the message that iGP is the go-to platform solutions provider for future-proof products is the latest stage on the journey that really started eight years’ ago.

“Our approach has always been to give our clients the keys to their own success,” noted Markota. “When you deliver 99.98% uptime, you’re really telling your client that not even the sky’s the limit. Our goal is to make sure that every casino operator gets to know what iGP can do for them.

“Across 2024, we are delivering a new vision through real products, enhanced technology applications and a team of people who are making a difference. Our original commitment has never changed. We still want to do everything better.”

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