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The All-in Diversity Project has welcomed another firm as a founding member, with Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) now involved with the initiative in its founding year.

Building upon its existing partnership with Girls in Tech, which aims to engage, educate and empower girls and women who are passionate about technology, GiG states its latest link up demonstrates its ongoing commitment to improving diversity in the gambling sector.

Kelly Kehn, Co-founder of All-in Diversity Project, commented: “It’s clear that Gaming Innovation Group has always had diversity and inclusion at the heart of their company culture. It’s evident in everything they do.

“We believe that ‘diversity’ is not a one-off initiative, but rather should be embraced at all levels and as part of how we move our industry forward in terms of image, product and talent. GiG shares those values and is truly walking their talk. We are proud to have them as a Founding Member of the All-in Diversity Project.”

Currently celebrating its fifth anniversary, GiG is to host an internal conference next week titled ‘GiGsters Connect,’  featuring Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak as guest speaker.

Robin Reed, GiG CEO, said: “GiG’s vision is to open up iGaming to make it fun and fair for all. By attracting a more diverse workforce, the gambling industry can not only improve its performance but make better decisions.

“Through All-in, we will become part of a bigger conversation involving more organisations to work on improving the joint diversity challenge faced by the industry.”