AFTER a strong showing at ICE and some highly positive recent headlines, CasinoBeats talks to Mads Peter Veiby, CEO of Magnet Gaming.

Beats asked Veiby about recent developments and what we can expect from the Danish developer.

Magnet just went live with operators in Gibraltar thanks to a sheltering agreement with Nektan – what does this mean for the business?

MPV: “Our dedicated staff have been putting in the groundwork for a number of months to ensure that 2018 is a hugely successful one for everybody involved at Magnet Gaming.

“We are always setting ourselves new challenges as a brand in terms of growth, both in stature and revenue, so it’s great to be able to offer our portfolio of stunning games to this market for the first time. We are beginning to go live with operators in the market and have many more deals in the pipeline, especially following such a successful ICE 2018.

“Our full portfolio of titles, which is tailored to suit players and operators alike, is already proving popular and we expect business to continue to increase thanks to this agreement.”

Does this signal a period of international expansion for Magnet? 

“We are always looking to unlock growth and potential from a range of regulated markets and our ability to now offer games such as Jewel Heist, Lucky Dice and Railroad Express to operators in Gibraltar is of course a major boost for our expansion.

“We are already enjoying positive reviews… but we have only just touched the surface of what can be achieved…”

“We are already enjoying positive reviews coming from players of operators that have gone live, but we have only just touched the surface of what can be achieved and expect more operators to go live as we continue to follow up on exciting meetings at ICE and from other operators that have caught wind of the news.

“But we won’t be stopping there, Magnet’s dedicated team will continue to monitor a range of regulated markets as well as pay attention to those adding legislation in the months and years to come.”

How was ICE for Magnet this year – what did you think of the event?

“ICE is the highlight of the gaming calendar, offering operators, suppliers and just about everybody in between a glimpse of what is happening and what’s to come within the industry. This year we chose to launch Jewel Heist to the thousands of people walking through the doors at the ExCeL centre.

“Featuring aptly-themed symbols and perfectly matched sound effects, the game was our finest creation to date and proved hugely popular. The feedback we obtained was priceless and will be hugely valuable as we continue to push the boundaries of what we can achieve.”

“…we will be pushing the limits of what can be achieved from browser technology.”

What can we expect from Magnet in the next three-to-five years?

“As well as continuing to create the most immersive and visually pleasing slots on the market and moving into several new jurisdictions, we will also be pushing the limits of what can be achieved from browser technology.

“It’s important we continue to monitor all advances and aspects of this project to ensure we’re at the forefront when it comes bringing it to the industry’s attention.

“Having initially begun our journey within social gaming, we will also be adding several elements of gamification to our titles in order to boost user acquisition and retention. It’s certainly going to be an exciting journey and one we are all looking forward to!”