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West Indies cricket star Chris Gayle

Indian online poker site has launched its new integrated advertising campaign, as the firm makes moves to further tap into the country’s burgeoning online poker scene.

Featuring as part of the #GayleKaAdda campaign, which is live on social media platforms and offline channels, such as radio, is Adda52’s recently signed brand ambassador Chris Gayle.

The global cricketing superstar, known as universe boss, forms part of the of the Kings XI Punjab franchise in the Indian Premier League, and most recently attended the launch of the Adda52 hosted ‘GayleStorm’ online poker tournament.

Commenting on the launch of #GayleKaAdda, Mohit Agarwal, CEO and co-founder of Adda52, commented: “We are super excited to have Gayle on board with us, and launch our first branding campaign with him.

“Gayle is the perfect fit for the game which depicts nerve and smartness. He is a regular player himself, so it was an easy task to have him open his innings with Adda52.”

The advert which forms part of the campaign, features Gayle battling it out in an online game with Sunny (Bollywood actor Manjot Singh), “bringing out the fun and thrill elements of the game”.

Saurabh Kapoor, CEO of digital agency Hashtag Orange, stated:”Poker is a fascinating game, and because of the mindful skills of the game it has gone high up on its popularity quotient. With the campaign, we wanted to connect Gayle’s personality and his fun and quirky side, with that of game.

“Our communication also highlights the ease of playing Adda52 online anytime and anywhere. Tying it all together with #GayleKaAdda, a catchy phrase we believe will become a head turner.”

Regarding the rising popularity of online poker within India, Mohit added: “The demographics, internet plus smartphone penetration and digital payment infrastructure, are in favour of the growth of online gaming in India.

“With this campaign, we believe it will keep our existing players engaged and attract the newbies to try this game of skill, therefore, becoming the advocates of this extreme strategy-based game.”

Check out the advert, featuring Gayle, below.