FunFair Tech: Paving the way for affiliates to thrive as casino operators

Blockchain-powered solutions provider FunFair Tech is looking to utilise its flexible platform to open up the online casino space to a new generation of operator.

Stefan Kovach

Affiliates are just one example of this new generation, that can thrive in the online casino space, diversifying revenues as well as accessing a new audience who enjoy gambling and come with significant crypto-wealth.

In an interview with AffiliateINSIDER, the firm’s CCO Stefan Kovach detailed how the journey into the operator space is being made smoother by the FunFair Platform: “Taking the leap to becoming an operator is a big decision for any affiliate. At FunFair, we’ve been working hard to ensure we make that journey as smooth as possible and we’ve designed our platform to provide the most seamless way for affiliates to move into the operator space, and even easier as a standalone white label.

“We’ve streamlined the integration process to only a few days as opposed to months as can be the industry norm. This means that Funfair-powered operators will incur less cost associated with server and technical team requirements, as operations are decentralised using the power of blockchain. Looking to the future, bankrolls will also become crowdsourced which will make funding even easier for operators of all shapes and sizes.”

He went onto identify the supplier’s newly announced partnership as an affirmation of the firm’s positive platform offering: “Our recently announced partnership with RakeTheRake, the market-leading rakeback affiliate, as our first live external partner has demonstrated the viability of our platform and we’re excited to support more affiliates in taking the now relatively short leap to becoming white labels or fully-fledged operators.”

Detailing the benefits for affiliates that are expanding into the operator space, he emphasised: “The major incentive for operators is that they will be able to take control of, and generate a potentially vast new revenue stream whilst retaining their existing audience and applying their existing marketing expertise. Our platform is perfect for affiliates looking to fully monetise their traffic which they’ve worked so hard to develop. They no longer need to trust operators to pay correct and timely payments and their consumer trust and brand loyalty can be fully leveraged.”

He also outlined that the risks for affiliates looking to grow into the operator space are minimal: “Our team of blockchain and game development experts has designed the FunFair platform with non-traditional operators front of mind, working on streamlining processes and minimising any potential risks along the way. However, to alleviate any concerns, FunFair will be on hand to provide consultancy services to guarantee a successful integration.

“Many of the usual risks of becoming an operator are no different whether you’re coming from the affiliate sector or elsewhere, but fortunately many of these are alleviated anyway by the blockchain’s immutability and decentralised nature.

“One perceived risk from operators looking to go-live temporarily may be that the time taken in understanding such a platform may outweigh the benefit of using it for a short period. This is something we don’t see as a major issue with the implementation of a straightforward user journey for players and easy education for new operators, both of which are being streamlined through our soon to launch direct to consumer operation.”