A broadened global footprint was targeted recently by EvenBet Gaming as it bolstered its ranks, with the firm setting its sights west in 2020 as it strives to grow its worldwide presence further still.

However, with a number of countries across the Latin and South American regions falling increasingly under the microscope, it’s “behemoth countries” that are capturing the imagination of Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO of the poker platform provider.

Looking ahead to the new year Starostenkov outlined his hopes during the 12 month period: “Less a bold prediction, more a bold dream: for the next significant step in online gaming regulation to finally come to fruition across behemoth countries like Brazil, Japan, and a few other regions. 

“That would give us all a genuine shot in the arm, and a chance to work on new projects across these exciting markets. When you base much of your business model around emerging markets, a cornerstone activity for us at EvenBet Gaming, flexibility and localisation must be the watchwords. 

“Therefore, with so many competing considerations, you always need to act locally, even if you’re planning with international scope. After all, the real test of any platform from a commercial perspective is how it deploys, performs and ultimately connects with players in any given region.”

Securing a nod from Gaming Laboratories International in September marked a significant step in EvenBet’s 2020 aspirations, with Latin and South America pinpointed for the next stage of industry expansion.

“In 2020, we are looking west. The huge online gaming boom in Latin and South America, caused by positive shifts in the regulatory landscape (notably in Colombia, Peru, and Argentina), gives us both hope and increasing expectations. Not just for EvenBet Gaming, of course, but for the wider industry ecosystem to enjoy its next point of growth in these territories,” he says.

At the turn of 2019 EvenBet stressed a belief that the “tide of poker’s renaissance” is gathering momentum, pointing to evidence from the firm’s showing at ICE London to really kick-start the year.

To conclude, Starostenkov looked back at the year for a number of casino high points: “In 2019, EvenBet Gaming went in search of the new igaming formats with which to bring new levels of entertainment and engagement to the industry. 

“Specifically, the many variables and variants of mixing games, betting, live gaming, spins – always with the goal of creating a new and unique experience for players. Along the way, we were also closely watching out for any market-specific or tailored solutions for more niche audiences. By now, we’ve had enough of “global projects”, supposedly created for all, pleasing no-one. 

“So, the next big step for the industry would logically be working on far more targeted offers, and that’s where we’ve concentrated our combined efforts and talents of the past year.”