Peter Korpusenko, CEO of TVBET, discusses harnessing the intricacies of sporting events within a suite of live games which complement traditional casino products, as well as meeting a desire for entertainment, simplicity and true randomness. 

To diversify the product portfolios, modern betting companies have frequently decided that online casino games complement the existing sporting events perfectly. However, what is often forgotten is the key reason why punters prefer this type of entertainment. 

Betting on sports inherently differs from playing slots or virtual games, given that the last-mentioned ones are not as trustworthy as live competitions, and this is true.

On considering this matter from a perspective of money-making, the sporting events can be analysed by any player. Statistical information, news related to an athlete’s shape, various turns of events while watching live – all these factors have an impact on a player’s decision, thus making the process exciting. With the set of various odds, anyone willing can choose the most suitable option for placing a bet.

Speaking of casino products, the algorithms that are used in most of them are not always attractive to sportsbook customers. The only thing you get is an enjoyable gaming experience. Besides, in the midst of brightly shining screens, betting players do not always understand casino game mechanics. 

But, what if there’s a product on the market that can satisfy the players’ need for both transparency and entertainment. In that case, everyone can easily spend time playing games by abstracting time from sports, or while waiting for the start of a new game.

The growing interest in live games

These games along with the traditional casino products often become the exact addition to existing offerings sports betting companies have. Players from all over the world have already become familiar with the wide variety of betting options live games have. The reason the betting audience gives preference to this content relies on simplicity. 

When we look at TVBET’s live games suite, all the products are easily recognisable around the world. The rules of such live-games as PokerBet, JokerBet, Keno, WheelBet and other ones are standardised for everyone across the globe. 

Thus, it’s not difficult for players to watch a chosen game and bet on the outcome. In most of them, all you need to participate in the draw is to recall these famous TV games. Also, the basic rules are required for others to remember.

Gaming process transparency is also a crucial element when betting players choose TVBET live-games. All the events are broadcasted in real time so that their outcomes won’t be manipulated. You see that the presenters host every game in front of your eyes.

In the case of this provider, there can be no doubt that something goes wrong, because the team uses the latest gaming equipment, which has recently been certified by GLI. This, in turn, proves the randomness of the results of its games. Accordingly, players don’t feel uncomfortable when deciding to play live-games on their beloved betting platform.

A product that helps to compete with industry giants

With a good understanding of the aforementioned product attractiveness, several online and land-based operators have already integrated live-games to their platforms. 

It’s no surprise that they feel this way because such an addition could positively affect GGR and result in betting increases. TVBET states that the share on its games may amount to 25-30 per cent of the total number of bets. More than 100 operators worldwide are already cooperating with the provider.

It could be concluded that a richer variety of betting options allows operators to acquire new customers. Besides, live-games integration also plays an important role in leading the segment of casino players. Considering that the company requires no integration or setup fee, the proposal to add its versatile live-games looks like a reasonable decision.