As more countries around the world continue to loosen coronavirus restrictions, punters have been making their return to betting shops. With that, it’s become so important for betting companies to ensure that they are meeting the needs of their retail customers. 

For TVBet, its new partnership with AfricaBet means that it can now provide its portfolio of live games across the bookmaker’s properties in Zimbabwe. As a result, AfricaBet’s players can now enjoy betting on sports events as well as TVBET’s suite of live games 

Peter Korpusenko, TVBet’s CEO, told CasinoBeats: “We do our best to provide land-based bookmakers and casinos with a full-fledged product that will make their players delighted. Fans of betting shops have the same features and capabilities as online bettors. 

“Therefore, with our solutions, retail punters can place bets on our alternative product, which helps bookmakers to diversify their portfolios. Moreover, our team is always ready to help with product customisation and its maintenance.”

When it comes to delivering its portfolio to the retail customer, TVBet explained that the process is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. 

Emphasising that its team is on-hand to support the overall integration process, the supplier noted that the process takes four hours in total: five minutes for software installation, two hours for setup and then two hours for cashier training.

Weaker internet connections are not an issue when providing its range of services, TVBet shared, as partners can benefit from its TVBet Satellite and TVBe Virtual Solutions. 

With TVBet Satellite, the connection is provided through satellite dishes and decoders meaning that betting shops won’t have any troubles with the broadcasting signal due to the increased stability and lack of delays. 

By using TVBet Virtual Solutions, bookmakers can benefit from a vast media base of pre-recorded games which allows partners to broadcast them offline, while also maintaining the randomness of the outcomes. 

Multiple recorded draws for each game eliminate the repetition of outcomes in games, so players get a similar experience as in live streaming.

Furthermore, players in retail are not limited in the capabilities and functionality offered by TVBet. They have exactly the same game betting options as online players and can win jackpots just as well.