With the assistance of Mad Men, B2B igaming tech provider EveryMatrix has launched Vinder Casino into the online Danish regulated market

With the assistance of front-end specialists Mad Men, B2B igaming tech provider EveryMatrix has launched Vinder Casino into the online Danish regulated market.

Targeting the regulated Danish market, the launch was made possible with the operational and management work of the Mad Men team, which has ensured that Vinder Casino benefits off all the native platform’s functionalities and will continue to support the team in its journey on the Danish market by using Design and UX/UI.

“Vinder Casino’s team approached us in the early stage of their brand when they were considering EveryMatrix as their platform provider,” noted Michel Groenendijk, director of Mad Men

“Thanks to our previous experience with EveryMatrix, and our extensive knowledge of its products, we were able to determine which of the company’s turnkey solutions would benefit Vinder Casino’s launch the most and assist by developing their modern front-end.”

With the Vinder Casino brand having launched at the end of 2021 on EveryMatrix’s turnkey platform, it includes the igaming integration and productivity platform, CasinoEngine – a cross-bonusing system, payments management module and a comprehensive player account management platform.

“Vinder Casino’s launch is the product of a successful partnership,” remarked Stian Hornsletten, CCO & co-founder of EveryMatrix. “We are more than happy to offer our modular platform to brands looking to have a great start in the online sphere. 

“Our team, together with Mad Men, will make sure that Vinder Casino gets a head start on the highly competitive Danish market.”

Bo Flindt Jørgensen, CEO of Vinder Casino, concluded: “We are happy to be live with our partners and really look forward to expanding our market presence in Denmark. Every launch will bring unforeseen issues and challenges, and it is the combined effort from our partners that will determine our long-term success – we are pleased with the development and commitment from our partners, but also recognise that we need to optimise on all areas to earn a strong position on the market. 

“We look forward to the journey with EveryMatrix and Mad Men.”