SBC Leaders: US Latino audience ‘tremendously underserved’

Fifth Street Gaming Digital’s Chief Strategy Officer, Seth Young, called the US Latino audience a “tremendously underserved” segment of the populace as he explains the reason for launching

Joining Kelly Kehn, Global Relationships Director at SBC, on the latest episode of the SBC Leaders Podcast, Young delved into the company’s new Spanish-language media portal and sports betting site aimed at the Latino population based in America. 

“Jefebet is focused towards the Latino audience in the US, a tremendously underserved segment of the populace. There’s about 63 million in the US that identify as Latino, 12 million that speak Spanish as their first language, and almost nothing geared towards them for gambling and entertainment content. 

“We embarked upon a brand build and a multi-product strategy to do some really cool things and really do it authentically. We’ve hired well, mostly in LatAm and South America, a lot of folk down in Argentina. 

“We’re doing a lot of proprietary content on Jefebet, we’re going to be running a fantasy sports platform and we’re building something really special which I don’t quite want to put out into the world yet but it’s a super interesting game that really hasn’t been seen before here. 

“Teaming up with Seth Shorr at Fifth Street has been tremendous, he’s an incredible person, we’ve known each other for awhile, very much see the world the same way. It’s been a tremendously interesting journey since we started back in August/September 2021 to build this media brand.”

Moving onto the topic of the metaverse and NFTs, when quizzed by Kehn on owning an NFT, Young expressed that viewers might be surprised to hear that he does not own one but insisted he is “very very interested” in the market.

“I don’t own one, mostly because… I don’t own one!” joked Young. “I do think it’s quite interesting. I think the more interesting thing is what it means for future development rather than what the art asset might be today. 

“I don’t think I’m going to go out and buy a board ape for $500,000, that doesn’t really do it for me… other people, great. I think the explosion of this is because the technology is interesting, the next generation is comfortable with a different kind of risk, and you have a lot of people that haven’t grown up with the internet. 

“I see more people expressing their identities in ways that maybe I didn’t and, I think, that’s led to the rise of popularity in the metaverse.”

Young and Kehn also went on to discuss mentoring young entrepreneurs, the Chief Executive’s time working at a tribal casino, his own personal heroes and mentors, and a story about caddying for Mario Lemieux as a kid.