Motti Colman, Optimove: bet365 faith speaks volumes for who we are

A “monumental day,” “huge validation” and “proudest moment of my career” was excitedly revealed to LinkedIn last month as Motti Colman, Senior Director of Sales at Optimove, eagerly confirmed what the company hailed as a “groundbreaking” alliance with bet365.

In a tie-up that maintained momentum built up over recent weeks and months, Colman took centre stage at last month’s SBC Summit Barcelona to delve into a deal that saw the operator declare “I don’t think we could have found a better partner”.

He said: “We’ve known 365 for a very long time and we’ve always spoken to them, but I think they’re, as everybody knows, a very private business, particularly around their data, so we’ve gone through many interactions of the discussion with them over the years. 

“For whatever reason from their side the time is right, but it was still a very long process as you can imagine.”

Adding: “It may well be the biggest moment of my career between now and when I retire”.

The partnership, further praised as very enjoyable, amazing business and “a great intellectual pursuit” by Colman, saw the online sports betting and igaming group turn to a third-party vendor to support its CRM marketing efforts for the first time. 

Colma reflected on this: “Being chosen as that company to be able to do that, I think it speaks volumes. I think one of the biggest things an enterprise company wants to see is ‘can a vendor deliver?’

“It’s all very well that we all stand here with our marketing tagline ‘this is what we do and this is who we are,’ but can you actually deliver.

“And that’s really what the eight month process with us was. It was them testing the water with us to see if we could deliver, if we could roll-out their massive customer base across the world. 

“And then putting that faith in us I think speaks volumes for who we are and how far we have come as a company.”

This aforementioned momentum has also seen Optimove dip its toes into the M&A well through 2022, with the additions of Kumulos and Graphyte helping to drive the company forward further still.

Highlighting the importance of the purchase, Colman noted that each “strengthens our position within the gaming space as a company that you can come to for anything and everything within the world of personalisation, beyond just your campaign execution”.

To conclude, attention was turned the way of the all important topic of social responsibility, with it added that Optimove aims to help clients see problem gambling at a very early stage in player development.

“We approach responsible gambling in the same way as we approach all the work that we do, and that is that we start with the customer first. That’s always been the way we do things,” Colman stated.