All eyes are on the burgeoning markets in Asia and Latin America as operators and suppliers consider new opportunities for expansion. That was a key finding in EvenBet Gaming’s latest whitepaper, which assessed the hottest trends within the igaming market in 2022. 

Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO at EvenBet Gaming, said: “I’m very excited to release this white paper to the wider industry, and I hope it will generate constructive discussions about what we know to be significant challenges and opportunities in the sector.

“At EvenBet, we’re constantly working to improve both our back-office and customer-facing solutions. Armed with this information, we and our friends across igaming are better placed to take advantage of current trends, which further benefit the end-product for players.”

Unsurprisingly, cryptocurrency adoption was pinpointed as the biggest trend in 2022. But slightly more interesting was the markets that have captured the industry’s attention this year.

The report found that “everybody is looking outside of Europe”, and instead are taking a punt on newer, emerging markets such as Asia, Brazil and the US.

The whitepaper read: “The second most mentioned trend was the tightening regulation across multiple jurisdictions, sometimes going together with privacy and marketing-related changes in the industry. This was equally important for the operators and the vendors.

“Could we say that Europe isn’t any more interesting for the igaming companies’ future development? Talking about the objectives, both vendors and operators pointed at Asia and Latin America, and sometimes North America, but almost never Europe.”

The majority of betting companies have been “preoccupied” with player acquisition over the course of the last 12 months, with many “constantly looking for new ways to generate traffic” – and one respondent to EvenBet’s survey stating that “player acquisition and attribution is the main focus” for their business.

When questioned on the most pressing challenges facing the igaming industry going forward, EvenBet said that “respondents were less united” in their views. Hiring talent, new growth opportunities, the war in Ukraine and the looming threat of a global economic crisis were some of the recurring themes, however.

You can download the White Paper here