Nevada gaming operations achieve best-ever January revenue month

Las Vegas Strip
Image: Shutterstock

Nevada gaming operations have continued to break records in the first month of 2023 with their best-ever January revenue performance.

On the back of 2022, where a new yearly revenue record was set, the Silver State’s casinos and operators have collectively achieved their 23rd consecutive month of $1bn plus revenues.

Publishing the state’s January gaming financials, the Nevada Gaming Control Board declared the total gaming revenue for the month was $1.27bn, a 17.99 per cent increase year-over-year (Jan. 2022: $1.08bn).

Casino operations on the Las Vegas Strip have continued to grow as well, improving by 25.74 per cent YoY to $713.2m (2022: $567.2m).

Per vertical, slot machines, along with table, counter and card games, saw their GGR grow from the previous year also.

Revenue from slots rose by 15.86 per cent YoY to $847.5m (2022: $731.5m) with Multi Denomination improving by 28.18 per cent to $459.1m (2022: $358.1m).

Table, counter and card games revenue – which includes sports betting – rose by 28.18 per cent to $425.4m (2022: $347.3m). Blackjack grew by 13.23 per cent to $120.1m (2022: $106m), while baccarat GGR increased by 38.73 per cent to $89.9m (2022: $64.8m).

Sports wagering revenue in January increased only slightly YoY by 0.88 per cent to $50.4m (2022: $49.9m).

Nevada collected $96.1m in percentage tax fees in January, up 17.86 per cent YoY (2022: $81.5m).