Officers of parliamentary gambling group disclose formal closure as APPG

Closed sign
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Officers of the All Party Betting & Gaming Group have disclosed that a decision has been made to initiate a formal closure as an APPG “for the foreseeable future”.

The group of Parliamentarians, which aimed “to act as a go-between for the industry, Parliament and government” on gambling related issues, was Chaired by Scott Benton MP and counted Baroness Llin Golding as Co-Chair. 

“We would like to thank all of the Parliamentarians who have taken time to be involved over the years, especially Chairs and Officers past and present, we thank them for their invaluable contribution,” a statement issued by the group read.

The APBGG had been vociferous on a range of issues in the many months that led to the long-awaited publication of the UK’s Gambling Act white paper, and has also previously launched an investigation into the competence and effectiveness of the Gambling Commission.

This saw the APBGG demand “a significant change in the Gambling Commission’s culture, strategy and practices,” as well as adding that the regulator “has become imbibed with an overtly anti-gambling ideology” and wass “actively seeking to ‘get the industry’”.

A statement detailing the closure continued: “With the publication of the government’s gambling review and the consultations it has launched into various aspects of its implementation, gambling remains an important political issue, as well as an important part of the UK economy.  

“The group is very grateful for the engagement of those in the industry and associated industries over many years.”

However, despite this move, it is added that an “informal network of those interested in the British gambling industry” could be set up, which would feature ad hoc meetings and discussions outside the formal structure.

The group was set up by a group of Parliamentarians who had taken part in the numerous debates on what would become the Gambling Act 2005.