During his fireside chat at the SBC Summit North America, BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt was asked by CNBC’s Contessa Brewer to provide further detail on the performance of BetMGM, approaching a year where he revealed the firm is ‘re-establishing its momentum’. 

He also detailed that one of their key aims for 2024 is the unlocking of the Nevada market, which is the cornerstone of their strategy as the group looks to a year of growth. 

Nevada was amongst a trio of goals set by Greenblatt as he revealed ambitious plans for the year ahead where BetMGM is seeking to bolster its status in a competitive US market. 

‘Continuing our journey to best product, marketing share and marketing efficiency’ were all cited as key targets for BetMGM. Greenblatt said the company is making strong progress on all fronts.

Greenblatt also emphasised that the group is not satisfied with being the ‘top of the second tier in the digital landscape’ as they hold lofty ambitions for growth fuelled by the elevation of their marketing strategy. 

One of the areas that saw BetMGM truly tap into an intensified marketing focus was at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. 

In a recent interview with SBCAmericas, Greenblatt underlined just how significant that opportunity was. 

“Nevada is the fulcrum of our omnichannel strategy. It’s a state where, frankly, as a brand, we flex in a way that is more challenging to do in other states obviously given the competitive landscape,” he said. 

Speaking specifically on the type of players in the region, he added: “You have a base of good players who love what we do. But those players aren’t all the same. Some players like baseball, some players like parlays, some players like big tickets, some players like high volatility games. 

“So our job is to make every player feel like we understand them and they are special to us. As I look through that lens, and then look at our activities, I feel like we did that.”