Vixio undergoes brand refresh to better reflect business transition

Compliance concept
Image: Shutterstock

Vixio Regulatory Intelligence has undergone a brand refresh to better reflect the global compliance intelligence company’s transition from an analyst research hub into a tech-enabled platform. 

Providing clients with “workflow tools for rich analysis”, the refresh includes a new website filled with resources for compliance professionals in the gambling and payments industry, bringing “together the people and technology element” of its business.

Mike Woolfrey, Vixio CEO, commented: “We simply help our clients remain compliant so they are able to mitigate risk and identify opportunities for growth.

“By having a culture of compliance, and using us as a compliance partner, we have seen many of our clients grow more quickly and maintain their reputations in the market.”

With “a history of being a first mover in complex markets that require a systematic approach to regulatory compliance”, Vixio’s solutions help clients analyse a market’s current state and anticipate regulation trends to accelerate business strategies for product and global expansion.

A part of that service includes the Data Hub for the gambling industry, which Vixio launched back in June and described as “a portal for strategic planning and analysis that updates the regulatory parameters as they change, to make business forecasting more accurate”.

The Data Hub allows business stakeholders to “validate internal assumptions, quantify the size of new business opportunities, and prepare for future market growth with confidence”. 

Vixio has also recently launched a Market Assessment Tool for gambling and a Horizon Scanning service for payments, which offers in-depth coverage of the regulatory payments landscape.

“By taking the heavy lift out of compliance through our analysis and insights, it was a natural step to offer workflow tools that give access to the depth and breadth of data and further help our clients test assumptions and inform new business strategies with ease,” added Woolfrey.