Spillemyndigheden outlines land-based betting player ID requirements

ID card
Image: Shutterstock

Danish gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden has outlined the requirements that operators must meet for the upcoming player ID introduction for land-based betting, rolling out on October 1, 2023.

From the beginning of next month, all players wishing to place a bet with a land-based operation must present a player ID before doing so. This was confirmed by the regulator earlier in September.

The IDs have been introduced to help “increase consumer protection”, reduce the risk of people under 18 years old from accessing physical gambling locations, as well as “strengthen efforts to combat match-fixing and money laundering”.

Spillemyndigheden has stated that there are “no requirements for how individual gambling operators design their player ID”, giving them the freedom to decide how their player IDs will look and if they will be digital via an app or a physical card.

The regulator added that for players to receive a player ID, it must be linked to an account with a gambling operator where the winnings are paid out. The ID will allow players to set deposit limits and to not lose any potential winnings if a betting slip is lost.

The player ID will also act as another blocker to stop anyone who has excluded themselves from gambling with Spillemyndigheden’s self-exclusion service ROFUS from placing a bet.