Referral System sees SOFTSWISS’ Casino Platform take ‘step forward’

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Image: Shutterstock

SOFTSWISS has enhanced the technological prowess of its Casino Platform solution, launching a Referral System tool that leverages ‘existing user bases to attract new players’. 

Using the new tool, SOFTSWISS’ operator partners will have full autonomy over their respective referral bonus rules, gaining the ability to choose the size of invitation rewards. The referral system will be presented to players using a ‘user-friendly algorithm’ that refers to players in five simple steps. 

These steps include creating a link, sending out the link, fulfilling the referral conditions, claiming the referral rewards and reaping the results of the bonus offers decided by the operators. 

Daria Avtuchovich, Head of SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, comments on the launch: “Implementing such a cost-efficient marketing tool into the Casino Platform is a great step forward in helping our partners to increase their player base. Moreover, referred users usually exhibit higher conversion rates, leading to increased lifetime value and stronger brand advocacy. 

“By tapping into social proof, referral systems expand brand reach and positively impact player retention while fostering enhanced engagement. The Referral System solidifies the SOFTSWISS commitment to providing innovative solutions for its partners and enhancing the overall gaming experience.”

The igaming tech solutions provider’s Casino Platform Referral System will aim to ‘cultivate a strong community and promote player loyalty’ as gamblers are encouraged to continue playing with the affiliated operator, assisting operators in ‘reducing player acquisition costs’ while helping to ‘maximise potential revenue’. 

Moreover, the tool offers trackable statistics that enable operators to monitor the performance of their referral systems by tracking invitee progress.