Gaming Analytics to deliver AI driven experiences to Station Casinos

AI concept
Image: Shutterstock

Station Casinos has disclosed a “comprehensive multi-year partnership” with Gaming Analytics that is charged with “pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming world”.

The alliance with the AI solutions provider will encompass the operator’s entire network of gaming properties as Station Casinos aims to “pave the way” for AI driven experiences.

Kiran Brahmandam, CEO at Gaming Analytics, stated: “We are humbled by this opportunity to partner with an industry leader like Station Casinos. Being an Enterprise AI partner for Station Casinos is both an honour and a responsibility”

Adding: “We are at a pivotal juncture in the casino industry. The integration of AI is becoming indispensable. 

“As we join forces with Station Casinos, we’re not just celebrating our past milestones, we aim to inspire the entire industry to focus on a future where AI-driven insights and decisions become the norm in gaming.”

Hailed as an “expansion collaboration”, Station Casinos’ entire base of operations will implement Gaming Analytics’ product suite. 

These include slots analytics and recommendations, AI-driven segmentation and campaigns and player development tools, including mobile applications and business 360 integrations. 

This comprises a range of functionalities, from hotel and kiosk systems to point-of-sale and the 360-degree player view.

Thomas Mikulich, SVP Innovation & Slots at Station Casinos, explained: “Four years ago, when I first came across Gaming Analytics, I was deeply captivated. The potential of their technology was evident, but it was the ambition and vision of the team behind it that truly resonated with me.

“Watching Gaming Analytics evolve and expand its AI capabilities over these years has solidified our decision to partner with them. 

“Our partnership is not just about integrating their offerings into our operations; it’s about collaboratively pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming world.

“Their expertise, especially in AI and natural language processing, has been particularly striking. It speaks volumes about their innovative spirit and pace of advancement.”

Earlier in the year, Station Casinos aligned with Trustly in a collaboration that saw the payment solutions provider support the operator’s NFT loyalty marketplace. 

Trustly was tasked with supporting guaranteed deposits and withdrawals for user wallets, allowing for smoother interactions between customers and the NFTs on offer.