PIN-UP Casino launches Jogo do bicho-style game with an added twist

Image: PIN-UP Casino

PIN-UP Casino has announced it will launch a new game inspired by Brazil’s Iconic Jogo do bicho on its proprietary igaming platform.

This move, said the firm, heralds an “innovative approach by blending tradition with modern gaming dynamics”. The game, the title of which has yet to be revealed, has been developed by iMoon and will be exclusively presented on PIN-UP Casino. 

A statement from PIN-UP Casino confirming the launch noted that the game encapsulates the Jogo do bicho spirit by allowing players to experience the essence of guessing the hidden animal behind a screen, but with a fresh twist that incorporates both animals and numbers.

Developed in partnership with iMoon, this fresh take on a traditional game engaged Brazilian specialists, ensuring a “true-to-source yet modern experience”. Gamers can play starting at just 1 real ($0.2 USD) while enjoying a promising RTP of 98 per cent. The game also offers a random animal selection feature.

A spokesperson on behalf of PIN-UP Casino stated: “Previous attempts to digitise the charm of Jogo do bicho faced challenges. Our collaboration with iMoon, steeped in Brazilian authenticity, crafts a bridge between the game’s legacy and the innovative aspects of today’s gaming. Players can now engage with this reimagined classic starting from a modest 1 BRL.”

According to the company, affiliates working with PIN-UP Casino and focusing on Brazilian traffic have “much to celebrate”. This innovative game, it said, heightens the platform’s appeal for Brazilian enthusiasts, potentially enhancing user engagement and conversion rates. Affiliates can look forward to heightened traction, leveraging this nostalgic yet novel gaming title.

Beyond Brazil, PIN-UP Casino envisages the game resonating across borders, given its simple mechanics, high RTP, and cultural significance. While the core concept pays homage to Brazilian tradition, markets such as India and Turkey might find its allure hard to resist, it noted.