Ulrik Restorp, SVP of Products at Shape Games, took time out with SBC News ahead of ICE London to share how the company aims to empower its partners through tailored solutions and help them create immersive and tailored experiences for their distinct markets. 

In the dynamic landscape of the igaming industry, Shape Games stands at the forefront, not only as a UX powerhouse but as a strategic companion, empowering partners to achieve brand aspirations while delivering exceptional user experiences. 

Let’s dive into the distinctive features that set Shape Games apart: a steadfast commitment to brand promise realisation; a broad and cohesive product product portfolio; unwavering support across all channels; and bespoke services while leveraging from outsourced scale. 

Expansive portfolio for tailored brand experiences

At the core of Shape Games’ mission lies a commitment to helping partners realise their brand ambitions. This is achieved by providing a diverse palette of products and services meticulously curated for different channels – be it web, retail or native. We understand the importance of each brand and market having its distinct identity. 

Accordingly, we offer strong branding and configuration capabilities to empower differentiation. This versatility extends across verticals including Account/PAM, Engagement, Casino and Sport, ensuring that partners can create immersive and tailored experiences for their distinct markets.

Flexible service models – best of both worlds

Shape Games has introduced a paradigm shift in service models, offering partners the best of both outsourcing and control, while strategically leveraging scalability derived from outsourcing for seamless expansion. Our highly flexible models encompass off-the-shelf solutions, add-ons and bespoke services. 

Going beyond the standardised solution, this model empowers partners with the freedom to select and purchase supplements tailored to their specific needs. This approach enables partners to control and customise their user experience while benefiting from the efficiency of standardised services.

Strategic offloading for partners

Shape Games acts as a catalyst for partners, efficiently managing work and organisational responsibilities. Centred around outsourcing and scalable flexibility, this approach ensures that partners can concentrate on their core competencies. We excel at handling the intricacies of gaming operations, be it running an app store, managing a website, or developing bespoke functionality. This offloading is not just about streamlining processes; it’s a strategic move that empowers partners to allocate resources where they matter most, fostering cultivating self-control and customisation in their gaming ecosystem. By empowering their own management and letting us do the heavy lifting, partners can further enhance their focus on core priorities and strategic initiatives.

As Shape Games continues to shape the igaming industry, the commitment remains steadfast – to empower partners in realising brand ambitions and delivering unparalleled user experiences. In a landscape saturated with choices, we aim to stand as more than a service provider; our ambition is to be a strategic partner, offering a symbiotic relationship that combines outsourcing efficiency with partner control – an embodiment of innovation in the world of sports betting and casinos.

To delve deeper into potential opportunities and engage with the Shape Games team in person,  including SVP of Product Ulrik Restorp and Managing Director Martin Mouroux Dam, make your way to Stand S1-410 at ICE London.