Roulette wheel
Image: Shutterstock

BetGames is looking to expand its product portfolio with the introduction of Live Roulette.

This new offering leverages the familiar appeal of traditional roulette as the firm looks to bolster player engagement through round-the-clock availability, making this casino product appeal to sports bettors.

It’s an offering that also seeks to support operators to convert and retain players by ensuring they can always engage with the game.

Ian Catchick, CPO at BetGames, commented: “Our goal is to support our operators in player conversion. Live Roulette’s 24/7 availability and customisation capabilities transform traditional gameplay into a powerful tool for the conversion of sports bettors to recreational casino players, enhancing user interaction and satisfaction.

“The rollout of Live Roulette demonstrates our commitment to enhancing operator success through products designed for high engagement and cross-selling, rather than focusing solely on innovation, reinforcing our position in both established and emerging markets. This approach ensures that we continue to meet the needs of our operators by providing effective gaming solutions that drive new player acquisition.

“With its focus on customisation and continuous availability, Live Roulette is set to become a crucial element in digital gaming portfolios, offering operators a valuable asset in achieving their conversion goals.”