Mobile games developer OneTouch is continuing its focus on portrait-first gameplay with the launch of Hold’em Poker.

The “player v house” version is designed to enhance the experience for on-the-go mobile players, while also working seamlessly on desktop and tablet.

Matthew Rochman, head of OneTouch, said: “Players have choices to fold, bet and check as the flop, turn and river are dealt out, which means strategy and smart poker decisions come into play.

“This gives players the unique ability to maximise returns on their winning hands and minimise losses on losing hands. We are sure that it will be a big hit with smart players, as well as beginners looking to develop their poker skills and get a feel for playing the Hold’em heads up.”

Later this year the provider will release Sic Bo, featuring cutting-edge graphics and sounds, while still retaining authentic features such as the gold dome and dice roll feature.