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NRR Entertainment has been penalised by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), after text on the home page of its website stated “OUR GAMES PAY MORE”.

The misleading nature of the wording was challenged by one complainant, who also questioned whether the claim could be substantiated.

Responding to the complaint, NRR Entertainment explained that ‘our games pay more’ “was based on the “Supercharged Wins” feature which added extra funds to each winning round made during gameplay”.

Before going on to state that all information is available via a “read more” function on its website, before going on to highlight 2017 revenue figures both with the feature activated and without, as well as providing further information on the supercharge feature and their wider gaming demographic in general.

In its assessment “The ASA considered that in the absence of any further qualification within the claim, that consumers would understand the claim “our games pay more” to mean that players would receive a higher payout from games on the Slotty Vegas website than from games on other online casinos.

“We therefore expected to see evidence to show that Slotty Vegas’ games paid more compared to the rest of the market.

“We understood that the claim was based on the “Supercharged Wins” feature which topped up player’s winnings with an extra amount which could be exchanged for cash.

“Slotty Vegas had referred to a casino margin and a standard industry payout rate (the RTP) and had provided information about their own revenues and how much they paid out in winnings.

“However, they did not provide any specific data to show how much their competitors paid out in winnings in order to substantiate the comparative claim.

“We therefore concluded that in the absence of evidence to demonstrate that their games paid more than their competitors, the claim “our games pay more” was misleading.”

The ads must not appear again in its current form, whilst Slotty Vegas must also ensure that claims are not used unless they can be adequately substantiated.

In its latest round of rulings the ASA also sanctioned EU Lotto Ltd, related to its website which stated “PowerBall £169 million,” and featured tick boxes allowing consumers to choose to enter a draw on the next Thursday, Sunday or both, for one, two, four or eight weeks.

Deemed to be misleading for quoting a prize value that would never be paid due to non-optional deductions, it was explained that “The ad must not appear again in the form complained of.

“We told EU Lotto Ltd to ensure that in future the value of any prizes or winnings quoted included any non-optional deductions and stated clearly and prominently any material information that would affect a consumer’s decision to participate, such as how EU Lotto Ltd’s pay-out system worked.”