Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta (source:

The prime minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, has given his support to Ganapati Group‘s GanaEight Coin ICO in a meeting with the company’s co-CEOs Dr Kristina Deguara and Hayato Terai.

Muscat expressed his interest in the company’s ICO as Malta continues to promote itself as a blockchain friendly jurisidiction. The prime minister met with Ganapati officials in Tokyo, during his visit to Japan.

The company gave the PM an overview of the Ganapati Group, its ICO and the features and merits of its own blockchain online casino platform.

Malta was cited as key in helping Ganapati to secure talented staff, with the company stating that the legislative progress in Malta made it “the country of first choice” in which to establish the new coin offering.

The prime minister welcomed G8C to Malta and gave Ganapati his full support on the project, adding his appreciation of the appointment of Japanese and Maltese lawyers as co-CEOs, in order to ensure compliance with the laws of the two countries. Deguara and Terai were appointed as co-chief executive last month.

Muscat also outlined that Malta was becoming a successful example of ICO development, evidenced by the G8C ICO.

He reportedly also showed his admiration for the company’s development of an online casino platform based on proprietary blockchains that blend IT technology, finance knowledge, Japanese content together with the experience and expertise in the online casino industry.

The G8C token is dedicated to the online casino market. Ganapati Malta has a B2B Class 4 casino licence issued by the Maltese regulator, the MGA, from where it supplies online slots with Japanese influences.

The biggest feature of the GanaEight Coin token is that it can be used on its own blockchain to bet and play. It does not take a transmission fee and it is not necessary to exchange tokens for chips. The token sale is planned for the first quarter of 2019.