Unibet, Kindred Group’s flagship online sports betting brand has launched a new Belgian advertising campaign urging players to make responsible gambling choices.

With the tag line: Faites le bon choix – jouez responsable (‘Make the right choice – gamble responsibly’) the campaign places safer gambling at the forefront of Unibet’s market communications in Belgium.

The campaign seeks to highlight the tools available to Unibet Belgium customers to help them “…stay in control, while increase awareness of problem gambling behaviours”.

The Jouez Responsable campaign was launched on October 22 across multiple Belgian TV and media networks, with Unibet highlighting player-safety features, including: customer maximum deposit limits; the setting of in-play time limits/controls; and player self-exclusion from accounts and specific game types

“We strive for zero problem gambling on our platforms,” said Henrik Tjärnström, CEO at Kindred Group.

“To reach this goal, we are convinced that we must create awareness about gambling behaviours. This is one of the reasons why we launched this campaign. We want gambling to be what it should be, pure entertainment”.

The launch of Unibet Belgium’s responsible gambling campaign coincided with the recent Kindred Sustainability Summit, held in Stockholm, Sweden, at which the operator proposed a number of industry-wide initiatives aimed at improving standards and perception of the sector to the general public.

“We want our players to feel safe and stay in control on our platform,” continued Tjärnström. “For Kindred, sustainability is about making use of important research and integrating key findings on our sites and products. That is an important part in creating the best experience and a sustainable relationship with our players.”

The news comes as Responsible Gambling Week 2018 kicks off the UK.

Watch the commercial below: