International Game Technology has seen a contract extension exercised by the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation, pursuant to which it is to expand into new retail channels.

Undertaken through its IGT Global Solutions Corporation subsidiary, the lottery’s board of directors has authorised a three out of seven year extension, as per the terms of the original agreement.

Under the terms of the extension, which is to run through to June 30, 2025, IGT is to provide GameTouch 20 terminals and additional Keno-To-Go products.

Rebecca Hargrove, Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation president and CEO, said of the expanded deal: “By installing the GameTouch 20 terminals into some of our biggest retailers in the state, IGT is helping us expand our sales footprint and attract new players with its latest innovations.

“We are excited to implement IGT’s latest self-service vending machines, and for the benefits it brings to our retailers and players. We look forward to continuing our valued partnership for years to come.”

IGT’s newest self-service lottery vending machine, the organisation lauds its GameTouch 20 as being “built specifically to meet big box retailer requirements”.

Furthermore, the lottery is to be provided with additional self-service lottery machines and Keno monitors and video controller units, designed to give “lottery players greater game awareness of the Lottery’s Keno-to-Go product in social environments throughout Tennessee”.

Jay Gendron, IGT’s chief operating officer of lottery, commented: “We are committed to the Tennessee Lottery’s long-term growth strategy, and as part of this contract extension, we will provide further convenience for retailers and players through the new GameTouch 20 vending machines, and expanded Keno products.

“IGT has delivered cutting-edge lottery products and solutions to the Tennessee Lottery since the Lottery’s inception in 2004, and has helped the Lottery return more than $4.7 billion to educational programs in the state. We are very pleased to be able to continue to work together to achieve its goals.”