Manchester City

Melco Resorts and Entertainment has entered into a new agreement with the City Football Group, specifically related to two clubs that fall under the administration of the company.

Entering into an official partnership with Yokohama F Marinos, the deal also makes the casino resort operator the official partner of sister club Manchester City across Japan.

Damian Willoughby, senior vice president of partnerships at City Football Group, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Melco into the City Football Group family. Melco and Manchester City share a common approach to have entertainment at the heart of everything we do, providing great experiences for our fans and visitors. 

“We are also both committed to using football as a force for good, and are excited for the launch of Melco’s new community football programme in Japan.”

Set to see the Melco Logo printed on the Marinos jersey, the company will also work alongside both clubs to host a number of events throughout Japan and the wider Asian region.

Ryoji Kurosawa, president of Yokohama Marinos, stated: “It is a great pleasure to establish a new top-partnership between Melco Resorts and Entertainment Japan, City Football Group, and Yokohama F Marinos. We appreciate this opportunity from the bottom of our hearts.

“Melco Resorts and Entertainment provides one of the best leisure and entertainment in the world, and I believe that one of our club philosophies, to create joy and excitement shares the same value with Melco’s business.

“As partners, we hope to co-create a kind of entertainment which makes all the fans and supporters more exhilarated from this moment forward.

“And it is also a great pleasure for us to be able to get a tremendous support from Melco in our highly recognized grassroots community service activities.”

The new agreement is said to be the latest step in Melco’s efforts to secure one of three licences on offer to construct and operate an integrated resort in Japan, and comes a short time after the organisation lauded the success of the EuroJapan Cup 2019, of which it was title sponsor.

Lawrence Ho, chairman and chief executive officer of Melco Resorts and Entertainment, added: “Building successful teams and successful partnerships have a lot in common. At Melco, we look for shared ambition and 21st century values. And in Manchester City and Marinos we have found perfect partners, businesses that excel at entertaining whilst putting community first.

“Melco’s connections to Japan run deep, we have been doing business here for more than twelve years, so being able to support Marinos in their grassroots community programmes is an exciting opportunity for us all.”