“Many challenges which we faced are now behind us, hence it is crucial to savour the wins but also remember to move forward,” said CCO of SYNOT Games Martina Hrabinská, who joked that most of the company’s success can be put down to its sustained in-house quality, as well as building trust with partners and drinking a lot of coffee! 

We asked Hrabinská to reflect on the journey to being live in 18 countries, including in Slovakia where Synot has reacted to regulatory changes, before teasing a ‘glimpse of the future’ – starting at next week’s ICE London exhibition.

CasinoBeats: As we begin the year 2020, it is always good to look back. How would you sum up the company’s success so far? 

MH: Getting our portfolio to be seen by players in 18 countries that we now have expanded our wings to, is at the top of my mind. It was a challenge to achieve stability in each of these markets but we managed to do that. We understood that we needed to adapt to the specifics of each and every one of them and this has helped us achieve our goals. 

Thanks to that, we expanded our teams in Bratislava and Malta. We successfully gained the MGA licence which was also one of our bigger milestones as well as gaining all certifications we targeted such as in Malta, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Lithuania.

Overall, creating a dedicated “family” of experts surrounding the game portfolio of over 50 games. The attention to all in-house creations is something I am the proudest of and it is one of our most visible positives as our games are liked by players and partners alike.

CB: Your company growth is impressive when looking at the achievements in recent years. What is your magic spin for success?

MH: I would say in house quality, building trust and a lot of coffee. Working together with all our partners to achieve a common ground is something I always look forward to. The 100+ operators running our games is hopefully a prime example of this. Keeping the focus on our goals and making it understood by others. I think this sums up the overall hard work that stands behind us.

CB: In the last year, we have seen some legislative changes on the Slovak market. How did your company cope with that?

MH: Frankly speaking, we managed it well as the change happened on our front doors so to speak (one of our offices is located in the capital city of Slovakia). We first certified eight of our top played games for the Slovakian online casino market. These are provided on the EASIT platform and can be enjoyed on the SYNOT Tip SK and eTipos SK online casinos. 

CB: The work you have done so far has shown its fruits but we are also interested in what will be next. Can you give us a glimpse of the future you are preparing?

MH: We will launch 15 new game titles this year. However, this year’s main focus will be on retention tools. We know that a good reputation between players is crucial. Getting good feedback on our visuals and sounds has always been a good feeling, but even with this in mind we know that it will not be enough and so we are implementing new tools into our upcoming and also old games to help keep the player’s attention.

In our goals this year, we have also not forgotten the activation of new partnerships with operators as well as platform providers. Meanwhile, attaining a foothold on other markets is also important. For instance, preparing to provide players in the UK with our games will hopefully be achieved after we gain the UKGC licence. 

CB: Coming up is the London ICE exhibition of 2020? What did SYNOT Games prepare for us to see?

MH: SYNOT Group will showcase its most comprehensive portfolio to date, with a wide range of online casino games containing stunning visuals and superior technological attributes. From the online portfolio we will present new products to our partners. 

Apart from online, we will present also our full landbase portfolio such as state-of-the-art triple screen cabinets available in 24″ Full HD version with p-cap touchscreen, new ergonomic triple screen cabinet available in 27″ Full HD version with p-cap touchscreen, Explosive Games Premium+ gaming system, VLT Premium+ gaming system in Spirit cabinet and uPass system.