Synot Games has shared some of the standout parts of its 2021 product roadmap, including plans to launch sequels for its top performing games. 

As part of an interview for SlotCatalog, business solutions manager Filip Hlaváček confirmed: “We have a couple of sequels planned for our top performing games, such as Joker 50 Deluxe and Book of Secrets 6. There is even talk of one for Respin Joker.

“But I am especially excited about a title called Tiki Princess as it will have a new Hold And Win game feature, which we do not have yet in any other game.”

Elaborating further on new features, in response to a question about where Synot needs to focus improvements in the new year, Hlaváček said: “Not being that long in the online environment, our primary focus was on building an engaging game portfolio. 

“Starting this year, however, we have been working on offering players additional rewards in the form of various bonuses. Soon, we will be launching our progressive bonus across all games and more exciting reward mechanics are planned for next year.”

Respin Joker, one of the aforementioned contenders for a 2021 sequel, is arguably the biggest success story of the Synot Games portfolio. Hlaváček believes the company’s ‘cult-status’ title managed to nail what a ‘classic slot’ should feel like online.

Summing up the game’s appeal, he added: “It has easily readable fruity symbols perfect for mobile, simple rules but with complex exciting outcomes, gameplay speed suitable for sessions of any duration and with a volatility set to a comfortable level of thrill. If you long for the classic slot feeling, or want to go back to the roots of slot machines, you should definitely give Respin Joker a go.”

Interestingly, though, Respin Joker missed out when Hlaváček was asked to pick four different slots to play for a month, two from Synot and two from its competitors.

“From our games I would play Mirror Shield and Wild Warp,” he said. “Both feature similar mechanics, while Wild Warp being a line bet game has nostalgic feelings for me, as you don’t see many of those anymore. 

“From competitors it is very hard to choose. Amazing new titles are being released each day and I am always excited to try them out, especially if they feature new mechanics. But if it were two games for a whole month, I would go for NetEnt’s Invisible Man and Yggdrasil’s Nirvana. These games are just ones I like to come back to every time.”