Welcome to the revolution of igaming localisation, proudly proclaimed All-in Global last month upon the introduction of its AI-powered translation solution, which it says was specifically calibrated for online gaming, sports betting, and esports.

This uses neural machine translation technology, powered by AI combined with human post-editing, which it says allows organisations to create content at scale that is perfectly translated for specific markets in the fastest, most cost-efficient way.

Following the introduction, CasinoBeats spoke to Tiago Aprigio, CEO of All-in Global, to delve deeper on the introduction, find out why now was deemed the perfect time for a revolution, and eradicate any past AI doubts.

CasinoBeats: Could you talk us through the introduction of an AI-powered translation solution? Why was now deemed the ideal time to do so?

Tiago Aprigio: When I presented our strategy and product development roadmap to the team, there was an actual countdown on my presentation. The question of ‘when’ was an obvious answer for us; it had to be now and the clock was ticking.

Our clients ask for superlative work from us, and that doesn’t only include top-quality translations. In fast-paced industries like igaming, esports, sports betting and fintech, clients need the quickest process possible, seamless integrations and cost-efficiency. 

Translation technology has been around for quite some time now, but it wasn’t accurate enough to guarantee a serious advantage over traditional translation methods – not even when they were combined. The post-editors’ work was pretty much a re-translation job that would actually take longer than the traditional process.

Today’s technology changed the old paradigm, and we’ve developed our engines using the latest artificial neural network technology, trained them with gaming-specific terminology and taught them how to perform at their best. 

“It’s a mind-blowing experience to craft such fast, effective and precise machines”

It’s a mind-blowing experience to craft such fast, effective and precise machines, to feed them with 13 years’ worth of gaming knowledge and to witness such amazing results that we know will deliver tremendous added value to our clients. 

All things considered, we thought this was the tipping point and it made perfect sense to develop our AI solution. Smart leaders embrace change and evolve with it – and that’s precisely what we’re doing.

CB: You called the solution a ‘revolution of igaming localisation,’ could you elaborate on this?

TA: It is a revolution! In fact, it’s already revolutionising the core expansion strategies of some of our clients. Now they can count on an AI translation solution built to meet the gaming industry’s needs specifically.

To give you a bit of context, localisation is a process that combines translation with cultural adaptation; it’s not just a literal transferring of meaning into another language. 

This is where we can provide something truly unique. Our translators (over 300) are world-class linguists in their fields (i.e. igaming, sports betting and esports) which means they are not only fluent in their language but also experts in these markets.  We have two ISO certifications, and we follow very strict guidelines in our recruitment process.

With this new solution in place, our AI translation engines perform the ‘heavy lifting’ in record time and our linguists can skip the repetitive translation tasks to focus on localising and editing. 

Next, our QA team screens through the whole process and translation to ensure maximum quality output. Everything in a ‘magical’ 40+40 formula: 40 per cent faster and 40 per cent more cost-effective. 

This way our clients can reach wider and faster. This solution accelerates market penetration for our customers, and they can use the 40 per cent they saved to enter new markets quicker than ever before.

“For a number of years, AI applied to the translation field was simply not worth the investment”

CB: Could you elaborate on the advantages when it comes to turnaround times and the cost-effective nature of the service?

TA: I previously mentioned that the heavy lifting is done by our proprietary artificial neural network translation engines. The translation speed is way above that of a human translator who can process around 1,500 words per day. 

Our hybrid translation solution that mixes AI translation and human post-editing almost doubles that capacity up to around 3,000 words per day. This achieves maximum efficiency by combining the machine’s high-speed capabilities with niche expertise, knack for details and cultural awareness. 

Our language professionals are always around to recommend what’s the best translation option depending on a wide range of client needs. For example, we still recommend our premium human translation service when the text to be translated is highly creative.

Quality assurance is the last step in the process; it is when our QA squad finds the needle in the haystack and ensures that we deliver excellent, accurate and grammar-perfect translations. 

The best part for our clients is that these efficiencies lead to a 40 per cent faster turnaround time and a 40 per cent more cost-effective option when compared to a traditional translation process (that also uses technology).

CB: What doubts did you have regarding the use of artificial intelligence? And what was it that eradicated those? What advantages do you now believe are possessed by the use of AI? 

TA: For a number of years, AI applied to the translation field was simply not worth the investment. The output wasn’t great and it involved a time-consuming and frustrating post-editing job that looked more like a re-translation. 

In short, it used to completely eliminate the time advantage factor that we are now experiencing with our AI translation engines. 

“Data protection is a major concern for us”

The type of technology involved also plays a massive role. We developed neural engines that use the most advanced translation technology you can find out there. Our engines are trained with specific gaming terminology – so it’s easy for them to fine-tune. 

And the best thing is they get more and more accurate over time. Together with our API integration and other connectivity features, we can really speed up the implementation time for our client’s platforms, games, websites and apps. 

What’s more, mainstream, public domain translation engines such as Google don’t offer any sort of data protection and they use every single word one feeds them to build on their translation memories. 

It still itches to know that some businesses simply shove their data into the world’s biggest personal and business data aggregator – Google. Data protection is a major concern for us, and we have addressed that by building our own engine eternal. 

To sum up, the technological advancements, the speed, the quality output, the security and the possibility to develop igaming specific engines shook off any doubts in our minds. 

For those that have high volumes of texts, tight deadlines, in-game/platform text and wish to opt for a more cost-effective solution, our AI hybrid service is the way to go. Period.