Rightlander reveals Ontario intentions ahead of market launch

Rightlander has become the latest to mark its Ontario intentions as the company launches its suite of products and services in the province. 

Affiliate compliance specialist Rightlander has become the latest entity to mark its Ontario igaming intentions as the company launches its suite of products and services in the province. 

Scheduled to go live on April 4, operators within Ontario will be able to bolster their compliance efforts via access to the Rightlander suite which monitors for affiliate marketing compliance in countries around the world. 

Channels monitored include email, social media, video, PPC, telegram, affiliate web sites and web sites offering illegal or infringing content.

“It was only a matter of time before the Canadian igaming sector started down the path to regulation,” noted Ian Sims, Founder of Rightlander.

“We have been scanning at the State level in the USA for a while now and are well equipped to monitor individual states in Canada like Ontario. 

“Rightlander is able to scan from local IP addresses so that our clients get to see how content is geo-targeted to consumers at both country and state level.”

Operators will have to meet rigorous standards of game and operator integrity, fairness, player protections and social responsibility, and will need to take a zero-tolerance approach towards any affiliate that contravenes the measures specified by Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.  

Rightlander’s Ontario introduction comes off the back of its Telegram Monitoring Tool launched last month. 

Reportedly released in response to receiving requests from its clients due to an increase in affiliates promoting their brands through the app, the new tool is said to ensure that marketing partners are adhering to regulatory rules as it automates the analysis of correspondence across public and closed telegram channels.