Lotto Hessen integrates Neccton’s mentor player protection software

Image: Shutterstock

Lotto Hessen is looking to enhance the protection offered to its network of players, with the operator teaming-up with Neccton for the use of its mentor software.  

This will see the player protection and AML provider integrate its player behaviour analysis tool with the online operator, which will alert the group and contact players who display critical behaviour directly.

Bernhard Ebersohl, head of online sales at Lotto Hessen, noted: “We were looking for an advanced, scalable solution that ultimately provided real player protection – and that’s why Neccton was chosen. We look forward to many years of successful co-operation with Dr Auer and his team.”

As a result of the integration, it is hoped that Lotto Hessen’s online players will become guarded by an AI-based solution that analyses player behaviour in real-time to prevent problem gambling habits evolving. The software recognises possible problematic behaviour and works to help both player and operator to identify and address the issue.

For example, players are informed when their deposit frequency is increasing significantly, which aims to help customers make better-informed decisions about their play with individualised feedback.

Dr Michael Auer, Director and Head of Development at Neccton, explained: “We are really very proud to be working with another operator in the lottery field. Lotto Hessen is highly reputable and their customer base is huge and still growing, so it made sense for them to work with the world-leading company in the field of player protection, Neccton.

“We already work with so many of the world’s biggest gambling companies because they recognise that our approach and our expertise is unique. We’re really excited to be bringing our value to lottery customers in Hessen, and to helping their customers enjoy gambling responsibly.

“Customers who are looked after this way are proven to be customers for longer, with much greater overall value to the operator, without falling prey to the dangerous behaviours of gambling addiction.”