Book-centred slots have “room for evolution”, according to Natalia Shkarbanova, Product Owner at Playson, who believes new mechanics and features can be included into future releases. 

Speaking to CasinoBeats on Playson’s latest slot title Book del Sol: Multiplier, released yesterday, Shkarbanova stated the aforementioned mechanics and features can “diversify the gameplay and open up more win opportunities”. 

On the point, Playson’s Product Owner highlighted that the diversifying of gameplay was one of the reasons the company included the Bonus Buy feature within its new titles, stating that the gamification addition is a “popular format” with a certain segment of players who seeks to gain instant access to free spins. 

Looking into the thinking behind the development of an Aztec-themed slot of the Book of Ra genre, Shkarbanova commented: “The Aztec theme remains hugely popular within the online casino sector and has traditionally been incorporated into book-styled games. 

“However, we saw a gap in the market to create a title that included high quality visuals, an aspect of existing Aztec-themed games that we feel are inferior.

“Therefore, when creating a new book-styled slot we aimed to elevate the design by leaning on our reputation for wrapping stunning graphics around solid game mechanics. We wanted to make a really beautiful game that not only did the Aztec theme justice but placed great emphasis on the overall experience. 

“With its eye-catching graphics and engrossing animations, we feel we’ve created a game that will fulfil the needs of fans that adore the Aztec theme.”

Delving into what features within the title will attract players, Shkarbanova explained that the title includes a “combination of familiar book-styled game mechanics”, as well as more “progressive features” – such as multipliers and the aforementioned Bonus Buy. 

“The variety of these modern elements allows the game to separate itself from previous titles and gives players a new gameplay to explore,” she added. “It’s a balancing act of providing players what they are accustomed to, while also introducing small tweaks to offer them something new.”

As with a selection of themes throughout the slot sector, the book-centred games is currently experiencing a high volume of options available to players to experience. 

Asked the question of why this genre continues to grab the interest of players, Shkarbanova noted that its due to these titles being “fairly straightforward to follow” with players having a “clear expectation” of how the gameplay unfolds being key to why customers gravitate to the games. 

She continued: “That familiarity is proven to drive engagement, as players are more willing to engage with a product they understand. However, as we progress as an industry it’s important to stay up to date with technological advancements and give players something new.” 

Looking into if the sector, and players of Playson’s titles, can expect to witness more variations of this type of game style from the supplier, its Product Owner, stated that it “all depends on the response” it gets from the consumers and their stance will be in a few months time. 

She explained: “If we feel that our target demographic would be interested in a sequel, we’ll of course factor that into our future development plans.” 

Casting her eye into the future, Shkarbanova cautiously stated, without wanting to give too much away, that Playson is planning the development of its current game series and exploring ways in which it can enhance its suite of games by “adding some exciting titles”. 

She concluded: “We’re also looking at some new experimental projects that will further elevate the Playson brand, giving our fans and partners something fresh and exciting to look forward to. So stay tuned to our website and social media feeds to be the first to know more details.”