Cashing out before you crash might seem like a simple objective, but there’s far more to crash games than meets the eye. Slotegrator and Smartsoft Gaming, who partnered up in 2021, talk more about the complexity of the genre and what makes it such a hit with players.  

Back In 2021, pioneering game developer Smartsoft Gaming partnered with leading igaming solution provider and aggregator Slotegrator, using its APIgrator solution to launch crash game JetX to tremendous popularity. 

The title quickly emerged as a player favourite, but how did the game achieve such fame? Ayvar Gabidullin, Business Development Manager at Slotegrator explained: “Smartsoft Gaming presented its flagship crash game JetX in 2018.

“It was an innovative, revolutionary game that promised big thrills and huge wins. With the release and subsequent popularity of Jetx, Smartsoft pushed game design to a new level and set a new direction for online casino development.”

According to Gabidullin, the game mechanics are as simple as they are engaging. “Players place their bets and then an icon of a plane takes off,” he said. “As long as it’s in the air, the multiplier rises. However, if the plane crashes before the player withdraws, the bet and other winnings will be lost. 

“Watching the multiplier rise heightens the excitement, and as the plane keeps flying after players ‘eject’ – complete with an icon of a parachuting pilot – players see what they could have won.”

Gabidullin believes that the game’s simple rules help players do exactly what they want in trying their luck and hopefully winning money. Additionally, he noted, JetX also benefits from dynamic graphics, good bonuses, and exciting in-game mechanics.  

He continued: “JetX set a new standard for non-traditional forms of gaming, and it remains at the forefront of a movement to take innovative new game formats from niche curiosities to fixtures of mainstream casinos.”

Talking in more detail about the games from a stylistic perspective, Gabidullin said: “Smartsoft Gaming is creating games that are not just like others but have their own character and intrigue. It means that gamers will have an extremely positive gaming experience and will look for online casinos with these types of games again and again. 

“Impressively, each of Smartsoft’s games undergoes meticulous development to ensure seamless functionality and an unparalleled user experience. The company’s games are designed with unmatched mathematical precision, setting Smartsoft head and shoulders above the competition.”

Saba Chkheidze, Head of Business Development at SmartSoft Gaming, believes that JetX was transformational on its launch, saying: “Smartsoft Gaming is an innovator in this industry because of our game-changing non-traditional product, JetX, which appeared in 2018. 

“Since then, we’ve been consistently releasing unique and unconventional content that has made waves in the market. We strongly believe that our commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional gaming has been instrumental in our extraordinary success, captivating players from all around the world. 

“Looking ahead, we’re excited to share our upcoming line-up of revolutionary releases that will not only set new standards in the industry but also redefine what gaming is all about. By working closely with our valued partners, we’ll continue to lead industry trends, break new ground, and pioneer the next generation of unforgettable gaming experiences.”