Stretch Network elevates poker experience with social gaming features


Online poker platform Stretch Network has committed to creating a more sociable player environment with the launch of three new features. 

The three new features, which will be rolled out to its network of operator partners in due course, include automated leaderboards, throwable emojis and a banner management system.

Stretch Network explained that these new features have been designed to elevate the overall gaming experience and “immerse poker enthusiasts in a world of intense competition, creative campaigns and expressive interactions”.

The poker platform believes that the launch of throwable emojis will help add an extra dimension of social interaction between players during each poker game. 

By using the banner management system, Stretch Network’s partners will have the ability to create, manage and search for banners that have been used across the platform. 

In addition, partners will also have access to functionalities that will streamline the creation of banners. This, Stretch Network noted, will help “ensure more effective banner management”.

Stretch Network aims to promote competition and engagement through the automation of player leaderboards. The poker platform said that the “multifaceted” changes that have been made will also help to drive player retention as well as increasing the promotional value of games.