Betsson launches ‘A bet makes the difference’ global marketing campaign

Image: Shutterstock

Betsson has launched a new global marketing campaign titled “A bet makes the difference”, reinforcing the message of wagering is “more about elevating excitement rather than big wins”.

To be rolled out across 10 European and Latin American countries, the new campaign highlights betting as a form of entertainment, “the inherent excitement of betting rather than fixating solely on winnings”.

Directed by Rodrigo Saavedra and developed by Betsson’s in-house team, the operator has produced two separate TV commercials – casino and sports betting – and the marketing campaign is described as the group’s “most ambitious production to date”. The adverts will also build upon Betsson’s presence across the globe.

Jesper Svensson, CEO of Betsson Group, stated: “As we expand our presence across various markets, we have established an in-house international creative hub. I am really excited to unveil our most ambitious commercial yet, solidifying Betsson as the most exciting brand in the industry.”

The igaming commercial shows a passenger placing an online casino bet as they wait for their luggage after a flight. The world around them then transforms with casino icons flying around the room and the luggage carrousel turning into a roulette wheel.

As their luggage finally arrives, the world around them turns back to normal and the words “A bet makes the difference” appear on the screen.

Kay Höök, Global Brand Director of Betsson, commented: “While we can’t control the excitement of a match or guarantee wins, we can assure our customers that placing a bet, small or big, will amplify the excitement.

“While many other betting companies focus on big, quick wins, our emphasis lies in cherishing the excitement itself and the heightened entertainment that a bet provides.”

Alternatively, the sports betting advertisement shows a person watching a football game which is brought to life in dramatic ways after they place a bet. 

They are then transported to a tennis match and a basketball contest providing the same intensity before the advert ends with the words “A bet makes the difference” appearing on the screen.

Höök added: “Our goal is to enhance the entertainment value and intensify the excitement for our customers. While potential winnings remain a possibility, we don’t want the prospect of winning to define our communication.

“Our message is that when you gamble responsibly, you will enjoy the excitement even if you don’t win.”