Flows’ no-code plug-in technology integrated into Lion Gaming platform

Image: Shutterstock

Flows has formed a partnership with white-label igaming platform supplier Lion Gaming for the latter’s customers to use its no-code plug-in technology.

Through the deal, Flows’ no-code automation platform will be integrated into Lion Gaming, providing a faster pathway for new features and applications without code. 

The integration will allow the igaming platform to go to market quickly with new elements, as Flows produces different data points from multiple systems in one place, reducing development time and operational costs.

“As a company committed to building the most innovative igaming solutions, Lion Gaming is thrilled to partner with Flows,” commented Duncan McIntyre, President & CEO of Lion Gaming.

“With their advanced technology, we will be able to accelerate product development and simplify integration processes. These two advantages empower us to not only maintain our commitment to delivering bleeding-edge features to our customers but to do so quicker than ever before.”

Flows’ platform uses a single interface and workflow automation tool to support businesses – networks, suppliers and operators alike – in accelerating development and fast-tracking integrations.

The company’s no-code plug-in technology will complement Lion Gaming’s online casino and sportsbook platform, as well as its blockchain and web3 igaming solutions.

Through Flows, the supplier and its customer base will be able to connect different data sources – CRM systems, payment gateways, and affiliate networks – via a single interface for a unified operational view. 

Flo is Flows’ most recent product, a language-activated AI software development tool that allows clients and marketplace partners to deliver new features and products quickly without the need for roadmaps, reducing development time.

James King, CEO of Flows, added: “We are delighted to have secured Lion Gaming as a client. I’ve eagerly followed Duncan’s progress with Lion Gaming and I am immensely proud that Flows will play a part in supporting and enhancing their journey.

“They’re an innovative supplier that recognises the value and the benefits that Flows can bring them. We’re looking forward to seeing how Lion Gaming embraces and utilises Flows’ game-changing technology.”